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Sandra Madden

Welcome to my website. Whether you prefer contemporary or historical fiction you’ll discover heart, humor and a bit of mystery in my books. My goal is to entertain readers with three or more new, or newly revised editions, every year.

Please stop by every now and then for news on the latest releases, appearances, contests, and more. A smile may be just a page away!

My alter-ego blogs about aging with humor at Old Girls Rock N Rule.


2014 Releases


Before there were Navy Seals, there were the rugged officers who guided the U.S. Navy to greatness. This three book historical series features romance, mystery, and humor set in the early days of the U.S. Naval Academy.

The Officers of Annapolis series is set in the newly-founded U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

The Admiral's Daring Daughter

Book One

The Admiral's Daring Daughter


Seaman Benjamin Swain must choose between his future at the Naval Academy and Sophie Harrington, the admiral's daughter. Sophie has written a naughty novel. When the novel is stolen, the race to recover the book is on between spirited Sophie and the strikingly handsome Ben Swain.





The Lieutenant's Governess
Book Two

The Lieutenant's Governess


It's 1866 and the United States Naval Academy is rebuilding following the Civil War. Annapolis is bustling with activity when accident prone Susannah Partridge arrives. Desperate for work, she agrees to become the governess to Lieutenant Trace Reardon's four daughters while he finds a suitable wife. The handsome widower is only interested in a marriage of convenience, and before long he believes he's found the perfect wife in Savannah. But Miss Partridge harbors a devastating secret.



The Captain's Bride
Book Three

The Captain's Bride


The third novel in the Officers of Annapolis Series brings back Rand Noble from "The Lieutenant's Governess" for his own love story. Rand has become Chief Surgeon at the U.S. Naval Academy and eager to placate his father, the rugged officer enters an arranged marriage with Clementine Calhoun. Too soon Rand discovers the Texas beauty who ropes cattle but faints at the sight of blood has her own ideas about marriage and family. Clementine leads Rand on a rollicking romantic trail to discover the true meaning of love and marriage.


New & Coming Soon




Since You've Been Gone

For contemporary, romantic comedy readers, Since You’ve Been Gone is a “blast from the past” according to one reviewer. “A highly recommended read,” said another. A September release makes Since You’ve Been Gone available again from Amazon.

When Amanda Tate’s “dead” husband Bailey shows up very much alive and eager to pick up where they left off seven years ago, the hot doctor doesn’t get the greeting he expected. There is no Hallelujah Chorus. Amanda’s moved on. She’s a successful career woman now and is about to remarry. But how can she resist the love of her life and his lusty male magnetism? And how can Bailey win back her heart in 30 days?



     The wave was more powerful than Bailey expected. The thrust carried him in a whirlpool for several yards before sending him crashing onto the shore. He didn’t know what stopped his forward momentum until he heard her shriek. “Bailey!”
     His body knocked Amanda down into the wet sand. “Are you all right?” he asked.
     He had landed on top of her. His pounding heart told him this was the perfect place to be. The soft, lush body beneath him trembled. Bailey brought his mouth down to the crook of her neck.
     Amanda didn’t feel his weight. She felt his heat. She inhaled the unique musky male scent that made her heart swell, her toes curl, and her mouth water. She could not move.
     And then his lips were on hers, kissing her with a bruising intensity. Her heart drummed and a firestorm surged through her. She had missed the fire only Bailey could ignite. Sorely. Instinctively, her arms circled his neck.



In a brand new, fun series, Sister Witches, I have three witches for you!

Book One

Having PromiseSparks fly when a not-so-wicked witch from the East meets a rugged lawman in the West.

Promise Hayes O’Keefe has fled to Nevada as a mail-order bride on the OK Ranch. But she is no ordinary bride. She guards an extraordinary secret – she’s a witch whose powers have been temporarily suspended by the World Council of Witches.

When her groom dies on their wedding night, she inherits a prosperous ranch, and a beautiful baby. Promise struggles to create a new life in the west even as she learns to trust her heart.

Former U.S. Marshal, Seamus O. Riley suspects the gorgeous widow hides dark secrets and he intends to uncover them before heading back to the life he left behind. His old friend is dead and the amethyst- eyed beauty has inherited a sizable fortune. Things don’t seem quite right to Riley. He’s determined to get to the bottom of an unexpected mystery.


An excerpt from…HAVING PROMISE

     Her left eye twitched. Annoyingly. Like the tell-tale tic of a guilty woman. She blamed the magnificent lawman. Promise felt as if she might be suffocating beneath Riley’s intense gaze. The need to cast one small spell became more pressing. A simple disappearance would do. Even as the thought flitted through her mind again she dismissed it. She dared not. She’d sworn off magic.
     But old habits die hard. Tamping down temptation, she silently renewed her vow to never, never succumb to practicing magic again - unless it was a matter of life and death.
     Folding his arms across his massive chest, Riley tipped back in his chair. “After Bram left you, did you hear anything unusual?”
     “What do you mean?”
     “Like maybe a fight outside? Angry words? Shouting?”
     “No. I didn’t hear anything.”
     His gray-blue eyes narrowed to granite slits. “And then?”
     Averting her gaze from Riley, she studied her palms as if she’d never seen them before. And in a way, she hadn’t. Only days ago her hands had been soft and smooth as white satin but now they had begun to turn a raw pink - and at present they felt exceedingly cold and clammy.
     “Miss Hayes?” the marshal prompted.
     “How long did you wait before you went to look for Bram?”
     This was a sticky point. “It, it might have been an hour.”
     More like two hours in fact.
     The legs of the marshal’s chair thumped to the floor. “You waited an hour?”
     She felt the color drain from her face. If ever a woman appeared guilty in his eyes, she must. Swallowing hard, she nodded in the affirmative.
     “Bram was gone an hour before you worried?” he repeated in deep, incredulous tones.
     “I am…was not yet acquainted with Mr. O’Keefe’s habits,” Promise told him quietly. “I didn’t know precisely how soon I should begin to worry. I was nervous waiting for him to return and...and…” She just couldn’t say it, never mind think about what would have happened next.
     “So while you were all cozy in your bed, your husband just up and died?”
     Fiddle! That didn’t sound good. Not at all. How could he understand? Married mere hours to a virtual stranger, Promise had not seen any point in rushing along the bedding. But she doubted the marshal, being a man, would sympathize.


Just another killer day … ON PARADISE KEY

Kathleen Cassidy’s transition from uptight Boston teetotaler babe to barefoot island warrior begins with a bang when her newly inherited, sleek go-fast boat explodes. Soon the intrepid redhead is looking for answers concerning her father’s death; and searching for lost treasure under the watchful eyes of a rugged Miccosukee undercover ICE agent, a smooth marine archeologist and perhaps a killer.

Don’t miss the adventure, humor, romance and mystery set in the exotic Florida Keys, home of “The ’Gator Hole” ON PARADISE KEY.

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