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How to Catch a Cowboy -- Sandra Madden
How to Catch a Cowboy

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On Paradise Key -- Sandra Madden

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On Pardaise Key

Boston babe Kathleen Cassidy is down on her luck when she arrives in the Florida Keys. She's lost everything but her inheritance—a go-fast boat and a battered old bar on Paradise Key.

Joe Scipio promised to protect Kathleen Cassidy and while doing his best, he's losing his heart to the Boston beauty. The hot fishing guide needs Cassidy's land and is determined to send her back to Boston where she belongs. But he risks breaking a sacred vow and falling hook, line and sinker in love with Cassidy, the absolutely wrong woman for him. And
then, just who will protect the headstrong redhead from him?

A series of events threaten both her life and livelihood, forcing her to question the circumstances of her dad’s death.  Soon she’s searching for treasure under the watchful eyes of a rugged undercover ICE agent, a hot marine archeologist, and perhaps...a killer.

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“Go back to Boston, Cassidy. Do yourself a favor and sell  me the bar and the land. Just take the money and run.”

“The name isn’t Cassidy,” I muttered for the one thousandth time.

“Call me Kathleen or don’t bother to call me.”

Joe Scipio had planted his six-foot-three frame on the stool opposite me.

I stood safely behind the bar—separated from him by a width of approximately three feet and seven inches. Everything about Joe Scipio intimidated me. When I saw him walk through the door, my whole body went into a weird vibrate mode. Like my heart started to dance. And my brain leapt into a tumbling team routine.

I’d just opened the Gator Hole for the day. It was only a few minutes after eleven in the morning, and in my opinion way too early for people to be drinking anything other than lemonade, my beverage of choice.  But I’ve learned they did things differently in the Florida Keys.  Especially here in Paradise Key.

I hated to admit it, but Joe was hot. Even with his dark, ever present, two-day stubble of a beard he’s one fine-looking man in a rugged, jagged-edged knife sort of way. When a woman gives Scipio the once-over, she sees danger and sex—the two most potent promises a man can make.

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