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How to Catch a Cowboy -- Sandra Madden
How to Catch a Cowboy

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Since You've Been Gone -- Sandra Madden

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Lord of the Sea

When a down on her luck magician meets a hot Los Angeles cop and his beautiful babies…magic happens!

Since You’ve Been Gone

When Amanda Tate’s “dead” husband Bailey shows up very much alive in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, he’s eager to resume the life he’s missed. The single thought of returning to Amanda kept Doctor Bailey Tate alive in the remote jungle where his plane went down.

But Amanda is not the sweet, submissive wife he left behind. She has a successful career as the host of a television baking show and is about to marry Bailey’s ex-partner. Still, she finds herself struggling to resist Bailey’s powerful male magnetism.

Bailey understands winning back Amanda’s trust won’t be easy but he’s willing to do anything to earn back her love.

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For contemporary, romantic comedy readers, Since You’ve Been Gone is a “blast from the past” according to one reviewer. “A highly recommended read,” said another. A September release makes Since You’ve Been Gone available again from Amazon.



The wave was more powerful than Bailey expected. The thrust carried him in a whirlpool for several yards before sending him crashing onto the shore. He didn’t know what stopped his forward momentum until he heard her shriek.


His body knocked Amanda down into the wet sand. “Are you all right?” he asked.

He had landed on top of her. His pounding heart told him this was the perfect place to be. The soft, lush body beneath him trembled. Bailey brought his mouth down to the crook of her neck.

Amanda didn’t feel his weight. She felt his heat. She inhaled the unique musky male scent that made her heart swell, her toes curl, and her mouth water. She could not move.

And then his lips were on hers, kissing her with a bruising intensity. Her heart drummed and a firestorm surged through her. She had missed the fire only Bailey could ignite. Sorely. Instinctively, her arms circled his neck.

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